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Q: I am a 60-year-old Federal Employees Retirement System employee. Good health holding out, I plan on retiring in 2025. I am saving the maximum allowed in the L 2020 Fund, with the thought that I may have to retire if health does not hold out until 2020. Your article in Federal Times on Dec. 13 said to choose the L Fund that corresponds to your life expectancy, rather than when you want to retire. Should I move my L Fund money to L 2030, or are there other allocations that you would recommend?
A: I can’t responsibly give you specific advice through this forum since I don’t know nearly enough about your goals and circumstances. My column offered what I believe to be the best do-it-yourself allocation and management method I can come up with if your objective is to maximize the lifetime income that can be supported by your Thrift Savings Plan account.


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