Transferring annuities


Q: In the late 1990s, I invested money in a Franklin Templeton T-Roth IRA and a Hartford Variable Annuity investment. I would like to bring these investments into my TSP account. I understand TSP will begin to offer Roth options in the second quarter of 2012. Would I simply be able to roll over my Franklin T-Roth accounts into Roth accounts offered by TSP? And how would this relate to the $17,000 ceiling on TSP investments for 2012? From my limited understanding regarding variable annuity investments, it sounds like I would need to liquidate these accounts in order to move them into my TSP investments, and this amount would definitely be limited by the $17,000 limit.

A: You’ll have to wait until the TSP rolls out its Roth option to know what the rules will be. In any event, eligible variable annuity assets will have to be liquidated before they can be transferred into the TSP.


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