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Q: I have been trying  to find out  for more than a year why the deductions from my paycheck for the Thrift Savings Plan and the catch-up deductions do not equal the amount on the Personal Benefits Statement for 2008. I have been told it is an estimate. I know the benefits are estimated but the total deducted from my checks is not an estimate. I have had the TSP for nine years. The amount for the TSP and catch-up contributions on the Personal Benefits Statement for 2008 is $15,582.84, the amount deducted for the TSP and catch-up contributions from my paychecks is $16,061.16; a difference of $478.32. The $16,061.16 is the amount on the W-2 and the Earnings and Leave Statement which is correct. I find it strange that I am given credit for $478.32 less than the deduction in 2008 and the other eight years are correct. I have also been told that the payroll office submits the deductions to NFC who in turn submits to the preparers of the Personal Benefits Statement.

A: You were given the answer: The annual contribution total in the PBS is an estimate. What matters is that what was actually deducted from your pay was credited to your TSP account. The PBS is nonbinding and for your information only.


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