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Q. I read your article in the Federal Times and found it very enlightening and maybe an answer to my money concern. I have approximately $50,000.00 in a Funds account and I have approximately $92,000.00 in TSP. I have 32 years in the federal government under CSRS plus about 11 months’ sick leave and 240 hours annual leave.

I am interested in retiring from the government and working for private industry in a less paying, less stressful job. I am interested in finding out from you if it would benefit my wife and I financially to purchase or rent a house, right now we rent a townhouse. I am 65 and in good health and I enjoy working with my hands. I owned a house for 25 years in New Haven, Conn.

I would enjoy continuing to work but not in my current position. I do not have anything to retire to.

Do you think you can give me sound advice and or direction?

A. I can’t answer your question, since the answer depends upon a lot more than what you have provided here. I am confident that I can provide you with whatever financial guidance you need, but only if I’m allowed to do the requisite analysis.



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