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Q. I began putting money in the L2030 in 2008 and didn’t really start to pay attention to it until mid-2011. When I noticed I had about $30,000 in it, I didn’t want to lose it to the current volatility. So I put it all in the G Fund and then the market started to increase. Does it make sense to go back to the L2030 since share price has increased $2.80 per share from when I left it, or is it better to wait until the price is closer to when I left it? I think I will just leave it in the L2030 when I do put it there, since I don’t know what I’m doing. I feel like I made a huge mistake. Can you give me some perspective on this? I don’t know how bad of a mistake it was to do what I did?

A. Since I have no way of knowing THAT you should be investing in the L2030 Fund, I can’t possibly tell you when you should do it. The same goes for the G Fund and the other TSP options. Have you considered that the L2030 Fund may never return to its earlier price again?


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