Roth TSP contribution limits


Q. My spouse (a federal employee) and I contribute the maximum allowed to the Thrift Savings Plan each year, regular and catch-up. Can we still contribute to a Roth TSP over and above the limit?

A. Your Individual Retirement Account contributions do not affect the limits for TSP contributions. Your TSP eligibility, along with your income and other factors, may affect your IRA contribution limits, however.


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  1. You may each contribute ($17,000 and $5,500 catch-up =) $22,500 into your TSP account this year. You may contribute into the traditional TSP and Roth TSP in any combination you want as long as your total contribution does not exceed $22,500 this year. Example: $10k t-TSP and $12.5k Roth TSP; $17.5k t-TSP and $5k Roth TSP; $11.25k t-TSP and $11.25k Roth TSP.

    If I read your query correctly, the answer is no.

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