Q. I am a federal employee with the Department of Justice, non-law enforcement, and will have 30 years of service at age 54, approximately two years before my minimum retirement age. Can I leave the government before MRA with 30 years and still be eligible to receive my special retirement supplement and my FERS retirement without a penalty at my MRA? Would I still be able to collect my Thrift Savings Plan, without penalty at my MRA, or would I be required to wait until age 59½?

A. Mike: If you separate from service before the calendar year in which you reach age 55, the early withdrawal penalty rules will apply to your TSP account. You may avoid the penalty by taking a series of Substantially Equal Periodic Payments, however.

Reg: If you left government before reaching your minimum retirement age, you could apply for a deferred retirement. Because you have at least 20 years of service, you could apply for that benefit at age 60. However, as a deferred retiree, you wouldn’t be eligible for the special retirement supplement.


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