FERS firefighter retirement


Q. I am a federal firefighter and a FERS employee. In 2022, I will have 21 years of creditable service and four years of bought-back active military time and be 48 years old.

1. Will I be able to retire under the provisions of 25 years of service at any age?

2. Will I receive the special category retirement percentages (1.7 x high-3 x creditable service, etc.)?

3. Will I receive the special retirement supplement until 62?

4. Will I not be able to withdraw any Thrift Savings Plan annuities until 62?

A. Reg: 1. No, you won’t be able to retire. Only actual service as a firefighter — not active duty for which you’ve made a deposit — counts toward the 25-year requirement.

2. When you are eligible for retirement and do so, your annuity would be computed using the special category percentage for the first 20 years; the remaining time would be computed using the standard multiplier.

3. When you retire, you would receive the special retirement supplement, regardless of your age, until you reach age 62.

Mike: 4. You will have access to your TSP assets, for withdrawal or to purchase an annuity, as soon as you retire.


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