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Q. I am 64 years old and will be retiring in a year. I have 15 years with the federal government. Do all of my Thrift Savings Plan contributions have to be withdrawn prior to a specific age?

I also understand that my total TSP account will be charged 20 percent. Am I to understand that after the 20 percent is subtracted from my TSP account, I have to pay income taxes per year for withdrawals I make from my TSP account that will be added to my total gross income?

A. You will be required to begin taking minimum annual distributions from your TSP account when you reach age 70½, but there is no requirement to deplete your TSP account during your lifetime. Under certain circumstances, the TSP may withhold 20 percent from your withdrawal as a deposit against your tax liability for the year of the withdrawal. Your TSP withdrawals are added to your gross income for the year and taxed as ordinary income.


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