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Q. I am a federal law enforcement officer covered by FERS and, by Sept. 30, I will have more than 29 years of service plus more than a year of sick leave. To obtain my annuity beginning Oct. 1, I would like to retire on Sept. 30, but it is in the middle of a pay period. I plan on front-loading my Thrift Savings Plan and TSP catch-up contributions starting in April for the rest of this year to reach the maximum for both. Would there be any TSP match in my last, partial pay period, or should I just aim to reach my TSP limits in the previous complete pay period?

A. There will be matching on every pay period.


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  1. Just retired;they do match, but they do a pro rata match if your final pay period is not a full 14 day pay period. For example: I had 4 working days(instead of the usual 10 for a full pay period) my last pay period( which was a partial pay period); they matched me 40 %, instead of the usual full matching amount for a full pay period.

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