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Q. I have been contributing to my traditional Thrift Savings Plan for the past 3½ years and have accumulated about $7,000. With the introduction of Roth TSP, I was wondering if I should stop contributing to my traditional TSP and start a Roth TSP. I plan on being in a higher tax bracket when I retire, and I also have a Roth IRA.

A. If you’re confident that your tax rate will be higher on the contributions later than it is now, you should contribute the Roth TSP first.


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  1. USPS Letter Carrier on

    $7,000 over 3.5 years is only $2000 contribution per year. It seems unlikely that anyone would retire at a higher tax bracket contributing such a low amount of money.

    The question of Roth TSP vs traditional TSP is a distant second question to contributing as much money as your income and budget allows. Investing only $2,000 a year is not going to cut it.

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