TSP rollovers


Q. The guidance on partial withdrawals from the Thrift Savings Plan is somewhat confusing if you have both a traditional and Roth portion. It says that withdrawals will be prorated between the two. However, is it possible to solely roll over the Roth portion into another Roth and still leave the entire traditional portion in tact? Or, since these are two distinct types of investments, can the Roth be rolled over into a Roth and the traditional be rolled over into a traditional in amounts, say $5,000 of one and $10,000, even if the balances are not in this same 1:2 ratio?

A. Distributions are prorated between the two accounts, while direct transfers (rollovers) may be designated as applying to each type of money, independently. I suggest that you review Form TSP-77 to see what can and can’t be done.


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