Transfer L Fund savings to G, then back to L?


Q. I have all of my money in the L Fund 2030. All of the money experts are predicting that the stock market will fall. Should I transfer all of my money to the G Fund, then transfer back when to the L Fund when it nears the bottom? Are there any fees if you transfer? Or should I just ride out the storm and stay where I am?

A. Are those “money experts” going to take responsibility for the outcomes you experience if you follow their “advice.” Of course not. So why would you listen to them? Aren’t these the same experts that have run some of the largest financial institutions in the world into the ground? Wake up! If all of this “advice” floating around were any good, no one would have any problems retiring. But just opposite is true. Whoever’s responsible for the outcomes should be making the decisions. Do the work to figure out the right investment allocation to meet your needs with a minimum of risk and then apply it to your portfolio. Market timing isn’t a requirement for success and only adds to the risk of failure.


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