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Q. I’ve been making substantial contributions in the Roth TSP and plan to do so until I retire. I have a large sum in my non-Roth TSP account. I’ve read that when I begin to take TSP withdrawals in retirement, I cannot specify whether they come from the Roth or non-Roth TSP. I read that the withdrawals will be taken pro-rata from both forms of the TSP. Is that correct?

If I want my Roth TSP to grow for as long as possible, is there anything I can do to preserve it other than keep delaying all TSP withdrawals until age 70½?  For example, may I transfer only my Roth TSP to a Roth IRA with a company like Vanguard?

A. Your understanding is correct. Your withdrawal(s) will be taken, pro-rata from both balances, but you may elect to transfer all or part of each payment to a corresponding (traditional or Roth) IRA wherever you like.


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