Payment to state required for TSP withdrawal?


Q. I’m planning on a FERS retirement at the end of December 2014. At that time, I’ll have already met the minimum retirement age and will have credit for 32 years of service. I’ve read that I can withdraw funds from the Thrift Savings Plan without an early withdrawal penalty upon my retirement, and that approximately 20 percent will be withheld for federal taxes, but what I don’t know and can’t seem to find is the amount of money that will need to be paid to my state of residence, West Virginia. My plan is to use the money in my account to pay off a mortgage and other debts, and leave the remainder in a savings account. Are there any other issues I should be concerned about?

A. I can’t comment on your plan of action, since I don’t know nearly enough about your circumstances and objectives. There is no withholding from your TSP withdrawals required for state income taxes. The amount that you will ultimately owe West Virginia for taxes can only be determined by preparing your tax return for the year. A tax preparer should be able to give you an estimate if you want to make estimated tax payments or request state tax withholding.


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