TSP fund transfers during government shutdown


Q. Do you feel it would be wise to transfer my Thrift Savings Plan funds from the L2030 to the G Fund during this government shutdown? Isn’t money in the G Fund more secure, while the L2030 is prone fluctuations in the market? Is the market likely to take a big hit during the shutdown? My balance is $109,000, all in the L2030, and I still have about 20 years until retirement but may not stay federal the whole time.

A. If you want to try to time the market, you’re on your own. The safest and smartest thing to do is to figure out which investment strategy meets your needs with a minimum of risk and rebalance to it at least once per year, and not more than four times per year. If a 100 percent G Fund allocation will support your lifetime spending plan, then that’s where you should be, anyway. If not, I don’t see why you would spend any time in it.


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