Use TSP funds to pay CSRS redeposit?


Q. I worked in the Veterans Affairs Department (CSRS) from 1981 until 1985 and then left federal service and withdrew my retirement. I re-entered federal service in 2007 (CSRS Offset) and have enough money in my Thrift Savings Plan to pay the redeposit for my time from 1981 until 1985. Can I switch over the tax-deferred TSP funds to CSRS without having to pay taxes on the transfer? I know I can make an age-based (age 67) in-service withdrawal into a qualified trust or an eligible retirement plan (as defined in IRC 402 (c) (8)). Is CSRS considered an “eligible employer plan” for such a rollover? And finally, how do I make such a redeposit?

A. You must use after-tax money to make the CSRS redeposit, so a tax-deferred rollover from the TSP will not be allowed.


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