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Q. I am 65 years old and retired from government service in March. I have about $ 400,000 in my Thrift Savings Plan account, with over $150,000 in G Fund. (For the record, I also hold about $70,000 in the F Fund, $90,000 in the C Fund, $50,000 in the S Fund and $40,000 in the I Fund.)

I am considering transferring $40,000 from the G Fund to L2020 to make my TSP portfolio a bit less conservative and also as a reflection of long-term price expectations on the bond market.

Do you consider this a wise move?  If so, is $40,000 enough/too much? (Incidentally, I do not intend to withdraw from my TSP until I am required to do so in 5½ years.)

A. Wise? It sounds like a shot in the dark to me. What is the expected rate of return for this portfolio? How likely is it to produce returns that differ from the expectation? Given these characteristics, what is the probability that this portfolio, along with the way you’ll manage it in the future, how likely is it to support your financial goals? Can you afford to take less risk and still achieve your goals? Without knowing the answers to these questions, you’re flying blind.


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