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Q. I just retired from government service under CSRS and have left my Thrift Savings Plan alone. My financial adviser, whom I consider a friend, is telling me I need to roll my TSP over into a tax-deferred variable annuity that guarantees a 5 percent return on investment each year even when the market does poorly. He says because of this “guarantee,” I can choose a very aggressive growth portfolio, while not having to worry about the results.

He claims my TSP is not protected against losses. I knew that already, of course. It’s with a highly rated company. Fees are around 2 percent annually. I noticed you have a real problem with these kinds of investments. The market is due for a major correction. Why are you so against these annuities?

A. They are expensive insurance policies. Two percent is huge! You’re more likely to lose than to gain from investing in one of these things compared to a comparable investment strategy invested in the TSP. Ask your “friend” how much money he will make from your purchase, including commissions, bonuses, fringe benefits, etc. You are paying that compensation from your account, in addition to the insurance and other costs which are designed to make sure that the insurance company profits at your expense. You shouldn’t even think about investing in a variable annuity until you’ve read the prospectus and clearly understand exactly what you’re getting into.


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