Stick with C Fund or move to L2020?


Q. I am a Foreign Service employee under the FSPS system. I am 50 and will hit 20 years of service this July with 9.5 years military buy-in. Although I am eligible to retire under the FSPS in July, I plan to stay about eight more years. I have been “all-in” with the C Fund since the beginning and have a very healthy nest egg in my TSP. Would you recommend I stick with the C fund until the very end of my career then flip it over to something much safer like the L Income or G fund, or should I put all of my eggs in the L2020 basket now and let it convert to the L Income fund on its own?

A. Your asset allocation is risk-inefficient. I can’t determine right allocation for you since I don’t know enough about you and your circumstances. If you own stocks in your portfolio, you should also own bonds.


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