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Q. My concern was that I took all my money out of the TSP when I left the government in 1989 and then came back years later, in 2004. Does that affect my date of eligibility (SCD for retirement)? Related question: Will I be considered to have worked at this point (as of March 2014) 25 months (old service) plus now about 10 years, so about 12 years total, or only 10 years (my current service beginning in 2004)? Also, when my FERS annuity is figured, is that on 10 years or 12 years? Finally, am I currently eligible to make a re-deposit of the TSP that I took out in 1989?

A. Your TSP contributions and withdrawals have no impact on your retirement SCD. There is no such thing as a redeposit into the TSP. You may transfer eligible IRA or Qualified Retirement Plan balances into your TSP account at any time, however.


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