TSP beneficiary designation


Q. After filling out many beneficiary forms, I have found the standard beneficiary line to be Spouse, and then equal shares to offspring. This was my desired process anyhow. Does TSP have a similar beneficiary plan assuming no prior beneficiary designation?
A. Yes:

Distribution According to the Statutory Order of Precedence

If you do not have a Designation of Beneficiary form on file with the TSP, your money will be distributed according to the following order of precedence required by law:
1.To your spouse;
2.If none, to your child or children equally, and to the descendants of deceased children; 3.If none, to your parents equally or your surviving parent; 4.If none, to your appointed executor or administrator of your estate; 5.If none, to your next of kin who is entitled to your estate under the laws of the state in which you resided at the time of your death.


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