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Q. I retired in December at age 60 under FERS and my TSP is in the L fund because I plan to start drawing down to supplement my pension. My plan is to withdraw 4 percent per year based on a rate of return of 4.46 percent.
The amount of my account is $249,972, which has not been touched yet. I’ve sought the advice of several financial planners who have consistently advised me to roll over my account into a self-directed IRA due to the risk of interest/inflation’s effect on the bonds in the L portfolio, as well as the limitations of the diversification of all the TSP funds themselves. I’ve used the TSP calculator many times using different scenarios with favorable results, but I’m no financial whiz and not confident in my results. Should I move my savings into an IRA or is it better to stay where I am? These financial planners often cite the advantages of rollovers that include accessibility, more control, financial support and more diversification. I just want to be able to supplement my income without too much exposure, which is why I chose the L Fund. What are your thoughts on this?
A. Keep your money in the TSP for as long as possible. These “financial planners” you are consulting are either ignorant or crooked. If bonds are the problem, you have other options in the TSP. There is no meaningful lack of opportunity to diversify in the TSP. The G Fund and the TSP’s low costs make it better than any IRA you’ll find, anywhere.


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