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Q. Read your Money Matters columns in the Federal Times and am always intrigued by what advice you put for.  Particularly interested in a column you did for the October 6, 2014 issue, entitled “Why market timing is a sucker’s bet.”  I am a federal retiree with 30 years federal service, and have been retired 8 years.  One of the issues I wish you would discuss, either in association with the above column, or as a standalone, is how retirees can continue to invest, albeit in a more careful manner.

I have a TSP account from my service, and I have all of the allocation to the G fund.  Safe, but not exciting.  This year it will make somewhere near 2.2%, while I see the C fund making ~13% (and last year substantially more).  To date I have not taken anything out of TSP since my retirement, but will have to begin RMDs in about 4 years.  Is there any allocation plan for someone like me, who still doesn’t want high risk, but would like to make something more than the 1.5-2.2% the G fund seems to generate?

A. I have written many columns about how to invest your TSP account over the years. You will find them archived in a searchable databased behind the link “Archive” in my website at www.variplan.com. Try typing “TSP” into the search window.


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