TSP, MyIRA and bad bonds


Q. I am going to retire within the next three months. I have done my homework but am torn about my TSP. I don’t know what is the biggest bang for my buck — roll over my TSP into another investment (not knowing which one yet) or to leave it where it is. Since this will be part of my retirement, I want to pay as little as possible in maintenance fees. My fear is that the new MyIRA could be looming over my TSP. I do not want to invest my hard-earned money into worthless government bonds. It is good for the government and bad for me.

A. I don’t understand the connection you’ve created between the MyIRA initiative, worthless government bonds and your TSP account. Stick with your properly invested TSP account for as long as possible. It’s low cost, diversification capabilities and access to the G Fund are an unbeatable retirement investment combination. Anyone promising better risk-adjusted returns elsewhere should be suspect.


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