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Q. In 2008, I took my TSP balance, plus IRAs balance at that time of $330K, and invested in Lincoln variable annuities (my Trad and Roth IRA’s and my wife’s Trad and Roth IRAs plus non-qualified account). There are no surrender charges if I decide to withdraw. The total balance as of today in annuities is about $415,800. I have currently in TSP $200,000. I want to know whether I can transfer what is in Lincoln annuities to TSP?

I have $151,500. invested in various stocks. Can I transfer that to the TSP?

I have $51,000. Cash value in a whole life. Can I transfer that to the TSP?

A. You may transfer any pre-tax cash that is in an eligible IRA or employer sponsored retirement plan into your TSP account. You may not transfer in post-tax amounts or money from annuity or life insurance contracts that are not held in an IRA.



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