Rebalancing TSP account


Q. I have read in recent months that the Thrift Board is considering allowing greater flexibility in the withdrawal options from the TSP. I wish to stay with the TSP throughout my retirement if I can manage my funds through a 3-bucket approach. As it stands, monies withdrawn come out via a pro-rata method from each type of fund invested in. For example, if I desire to only withdraw from my G Fund balance and not my C,S, and I balances to allow for more growth as in the event of a down market year, I can’t do that as the rules currently stand. Have you heard of any current information or changes afoot that address these withdrawal and other issues?

A. I haven’t heard any news about this, but you can just take your withdrawal and then rebalance your account to what it would have been had you been able to target the withdrawal and wind up with the same result.


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