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Q. I retired in December 2015, but have not taken any money from TSP. I will need to in the near future. I would like to take some monthly payments to begin with, but at this time I am unsure how many years I would continue this. Let’s say my TSP has $200,000, and I begin monthly payments of $1,000 (assuming I will use $100,000 for this). At a later date, I decide to roll the other $100,000 into an IRA. Can I at a later date withdraw or roll the remainder of the $100,000 I was using for monthly payments out of TSP, or have I already used up my full withdrawal option with the monthly payment election ($100,000) and rolling the other $100,000 into an IRA?

In other words, if I decide to stop my monthly payments and still have money left in TSP from the original $100,000 I set aside for the monthly payments, do I have any way to get that money out of TSP?

A. You may stop your monthly payments and withdraw the remaining TSP account balance at any time.


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