Former federal employee to D.C. government


Q. I entered federal government December 1980. Left federal government November 1998. Having 18.5 years total career tenure.

Entered D.C. government June 2012 age 58. Now age 63 – five years of D.C. government.

As far as retirement goes, given the facts, is my prior federal time with current D.C. government considered for retirement? If so how? If not, please explain.

I need to know my options at retirement – what will my ending annuitant look like?

Will the D.C. retirement office process my retirement along with the Office of Personnel Management?

I withdrew from my TSP I believe $25,000. Do – I have money back there – I can draw in retirement or TSP – what are my options?

A. To answer the question highlighted in italics, the rules governing withdrawals from your TSP account, after separation from service, can be found at


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