Reporting RMD for two years of a TSP


Q. My RMD for 2016 was withdrawn March 2017 and my RMD for 2017 was withdrawn in April and December 2017. My 1099-R reports the total of the RMDs with no distinction for how much was for 2016 and for 2017. Am I supposed to use Form 8606 for the TSP RMD? Form 8606 asks for the value of the IRA on Dec. 31, but I have two values (one for 2016 and one for 2017). Also, if TSP is not an IRA, what is it? Is there another form to put this info?

A. I can’t tell you how to complete your tax return. You should consult a CPA for help with this. I can tell you that you can allocate your distributions toward any RMD for which they are eligible, as you wish. The IRS only cares that the total RMD is satisfied through some combination of withdrawals during the RMD time window. The TSP requires that the RMD for your TSP be satisfied through withdrawals from your TSP account, however.


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