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Q. What factors determine whether it is better to pay insurance premiums with pretax dollars or waive that and pay with after-tax money? My thought is that by paying with after-tax money, taxable income is increased, thereby increasing the Social Security entitlement. How do you determine if that is more beneficial than the reduced tax liability now? A. The answer depends on your circumstances and a number of assumptions about the future. The issue is discussed on the Office of Personnel Management website at

Q. I have a State of Kansas deferred compensation 457(b) pretax fund from when I worked for the state. Can I roll this into the Thrift Savings Plan without tax consequences?  If so, how do I go about the process?  If I have to receive a check from the fund directly — not made out to me — I believe I have 60 days in which to get it into another fund. A. If it contains only pretax money, you may transfer it to the TSP. Use Form TSP-60 and follow the instructions.

Q: I will be retiring on Jan. 1. I recently contributed $50,000 to my Voluntary Contribution account. This is my first contribution to this account, and upon retirement I would like to transfer the entire balance directly to a Roth IRA. I have an existing Traditional IRA (never taxed and balance of approximately $65,000) and a Thrift Savings Plan account of approximately $245,000. My goal is to transfer the entire amount of my voluntary contibution directly to an existing Roth IRA upon retirement. My thought is that the only tax I would owe on this conversion would be the few…