Tracking TSP history


Q. When I rebalance my FERS TSP portfolio I usually find myself lowering my C fund percentage and increasing my G fund percentage, since C fund has been growing more rapidly recently (obviously, not always the case). But when I do this am I effectively selling C shares and buying G shares? If that is the case, will there come a day when I need to calculate my average share purchase price of C shares for every time I rebalance or change my fund allotments? Another way to put this question: When I change my portfolio balances or change my fund purchase plan, am I creating a cost history that will be difficult to unravel when I begin recouping my retirement funds? I do not have my TSP as Roth.

A. There is no need to track the management history of your TSP account. Everything that comes out of the account will be taxed as Ordinary Income. Gains and losses are not a factor.


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