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Q. I want to make my overall TSP more conservative. I am 56, and my TSP is very substantial (20 years’ worth of maxed-out contributions) and so are my other retirement assets. I am not feeling very risk tolerant. Currently I have 85 percent of my TSP in L2030. The other 15 percent is my last 3½ years of contributions (with catch-up) that I put in a 70/15/15 mix of C/S/I. I was thinking of moving the last 15 percent to L2030, or even moving that 15 percent into G or F/G.

There was a period in the past 3½ years when I was contributing to Roth. I want the Roth money to be aggressively invested to capture possible tax-free growth. Is it possible to move only the non-Roth part of the 15 percent to G and leave the Roth part in C/S/I, or is it not separated out that way?

A. Your Traditional and Roth TSP balances are, and must be, invested identically.


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