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Q. I’m a career fed with young adult daughters who took advantage of myRA accounts. With myRA accounts closing out, I wish they could move their money to a TSP Roth, but they didn’t follow in dad’s (Fed) footsteps.  Could you provide some guidance on where to find low-cost L Fund equivalents? 

For extra credit: Roth accounts also work as secondary emergency funding accounts for them as young adults.  That flexibility provides a opportunity to put more funds into retirement accounts than might otherwise be comfortable. Both are currently eligible for retirement savings tax credits. Options that maintain that flexibility would be a plus.

A. While there are many target date funds (like the L Funds) available from many producers, I don’t use them in practice and can’t recommend any, in particular. Maybe start your search at Fidelity, Vanguard or Schwab. You’re looking for low-cost funds based on index investing.


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