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Q. I am considering retirement in 2020, when I will have 33 years of service and reached minimum retirement age. I have approximately $750,000 in my TSP account. Would it be a good idea to put $250,000 in the L Income fund, $250,000 in the L2030 and $250,000 in the L2040 fund? I would use the L income money in the first 10 years, the L2030 in the next 10 years and the L2040 after that.

Q. I am a 58-year-old FERS retiree, retired two years ago, and unfortunately only have $120,000 in my TSP. I will try not to take out any money until I turn 70, if possible. What L Fund do you recommend I keep my money in? I cannot tolerate loss at this point, but would like some growth.

Q. I am 55 and retired CSRS this past January. When it comes to my TSP investment, 50 percent is in G, 40 percent in C, and 10 percent in S. Should I move any or all of my G Fund to C? It goes against the “buy low, sell high” philosophy, but I feel like I would earn more over time before I have to take minimum distribution if I put my G Funds back into C.

Q. I was forced to liquidate almost all of my savings, stocks, etc., five years ago to assist a family member with some much-needed medical financial assistance. I am 54 years old, and plan on working for an additional 14 years. I’m currently putting $350/pay period into TSP with contribution allocations in L2030 (10%), C Fund (45%) and S Fund (45%). Balances are $13,662, $2,730 and $10,986, respectively. Every opportunity I get, I increase my contribution. Here’s my question: Based on the short amount of time I have left to retire (14 years), is my allocation percentage into the three funds…

Q. I am planning to begin taking monthly payments from my L2030 fund at around age 60. I am 52, currently with $1.1 million in invested assets. I generally subscribe to your theory of “pick the L Fund closest to your life expectancy,” minus 10 years in my case. For example, if I expect to live to 2050, I would choose the L2040 fund (based on my risk tolerance). Given the above, at age 60, let’s say I want to exhaust my L fund within 30 years – can you give me a ballpark percentage per year that I could…

Q. You’ve mentioned in the past that if a person does not know which funds are best to invest their TSP money, they should invest in the Lifecycle fund that closely matches their life expectancy. I’m 58, retired CSRS and currently in the L2030. I plan to start generating a monthly income stream from the $470,000 balance and begin payments of 3.5 percent of the balance to meet expenses. When commencing monthly payments, do you recommend keeping the funds in the corresponding L Fund or should I look at a more conservative strategy during the draw-down phase?

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