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Q. Do you see any advantage in periodically transferring funds from my 403b to my TSP? The 403b is invested in a life-cycle fund from Vanguard, so the fees I assume are pretty low. The only advantages I see are I currently have access to funds if needs in my TSP as I was a law enforcement officer and have provision to access this as I retired with over 20 years in federal law enforcement. But I don’t plan to withdraw for a long time (I’m 53) and perhaps the TSP fees are even lower then Vanguards? I assume transfers are…

Q. What is your opinion of the so called “bucket” investment strategy for retirement in the TSP, with a “now,” “soon” and “later” allocation? The now being a three-year time frame in the G Fund for a safe flow of income, the soon 3-5 year in the L-Income that would be less conservative and the later maybe investing in the Lifecycle Fund corresponding to life expectancy for more aggressive growth? I realize the allocations would have to be updated regularly. With such a strategy, would it be best to make adjustments monthly, quarterly or annually?

Q. I only did four years in the Marines and got out back in ’08. I totally forgot I had a TSP until I got an annual update for it in the mail. All my money is in the G Fund and only has a little over $8,000 in it. Should I leave it alone? Roll it into an IRA? Try and work with it and spread the money in there to the other funds? If so, which ones? I’m 32 years old, and still have plenty of years of being a wage slave ahead of me. The only thing…

Q. I am 66 years old and am retired. I have around $400,000 in my TSP. I am not planning to withdrawal until 2022. Currently, I have G Fund, C Fund, I Fund, etc. I am not sure if I should move all to G Fund or L2020.

Q. I had all my funds in the L Fund most closely related to my retiring date until this afternoon. After learning that my overall value dropped by $5,000, I got worried and moved everything to the G Fund. Then I spoke to a friend who explained to me the $5,000 loss was really only a decrease in value, and not real money. Now that I better understand I would like to move back to the L Fund. Will I be penalized or will my funds be significantly effected because i did this switch?

Q. I am a federal employee under CSRS, eligible to retire with max benefits in 2024 (41 years and 11 months) at the age of 60. My TSP distribution is 50 percent L 2020, 15 percent C fund, 15 percent S and 15 percent I funds. At the close of 2018 my balance was $340,295, which reflects a loss of $47,753. Should I move everything to the L Fund?

Q. Currently I have 90 percent in the S fund and 10 percent in the G Fund. Obviously, I’ve lost a lot of the gains we made $57,000 to be exact.I know we are due for a correction, but I have no idea what to do. Move to the L Fund? Move 50 percent to C? If I do those now, do I lose? I retire in 6 years 10 months.

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