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Q. I turn 56 in February 2016. I plan to resign from the government, and, then, request and draw my retirement with federal health benefits when I reach my minimum retirement age at age 60. I was reading your post regarding FERS formula and saw this: You would only receive a refund of your retirement contributions if you resigned from the government and asked for one. If you did, you’d cancel all future entitlement to an annuity. I am “NOT” going to request a refund of my retirement contributions, but I am going to resign from the federal government. Will my resignation cancel all…

Q. I just heard a presentation on a Nationwide indexed annuity and was impressed by the historical returns, insurance company, no annual loss guaranty and right of survivorship. How might I decide if an indexed annuity is the right choice for some of my TSP funds? How might I fund an external annuity with TSP funds? I’m a 63-year-old enrolled in FERS with nearly 30 years of federal service, and I am looking forward to retiring in the next couple of years.

Q. I am a retired CSRS employee, and my wife is a retired FERS employee. I am currently 63 and my wife is 61. We are both covered under my FEHB insurance as part of my annuity. I keep reading about whether or not I should pick up Medicare Part B, but there does not seem to be a clear-cut answer. It seems to depend upon your health, current out-of-pocket expenses for medicine, office visits, etc., compared to the annual cost of Part B. I have seen several articles point out the 10 percent penalty for delaying enrollment. My question is, if…

Q. I have read that the VCP based on my age of 64 could pay as much as 8.8 percent in an annuity. Is that true? Can one elect a survivor benefit? And if so, at what cost/reduction? Who is the company behind the product?

Q: I retired under the FERS program. I took the 10 percent reduction in my pension so that my wife would have survivor’s benefits. I heard that if my wife dies according to the list below, my 90 percent reduction would change accordingly. Is this true?

Q. I am a CSRS employee, and I plan on retiring in 2016. I currently have 37 years of service. If I elect to contribute money (up to 10 percent of my lifetime earnings) to the Voluntary Contribution Program, I understand one option is to receive an annuity that will pay a yearly amount of approximately 9 percent of my contribution amount. I will be 65 in December of 2016.

Q. I have retired from the United States Postal Service because of disability. I want to do the one-time withdrawal of $60,000 and monthly annuities of $1,000 dollars. I have $318,000 in TSP. I am also a 100 percent disabled service-connected veteran. Will I be charged the 10 percent early withdrawal penalty from the IRS? My monthly annuities will last well into my 60s. Also, what is the special retirement supplement?

Q. I’m retirement eligible for the FERS annuity and FERS annuity supplement. How does exercising the one-time TSP withdrawal affect the annuity supplement, if at all? The basis of this question comes from my understanding that TSP withdrawals are considered Earned Income from a federal/state tax perspective, which would subject the FERS Supplement to the income test.

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