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Q. I had 12 years service under CSRS, a break of 13 years in the private sector, and have been a CSRS Offset employee since 2003. I understand that the government pension offset could reduce my wife’s Social Security spousal benefits by $2 for ever $3 I would receive from my CSRS annuity. Does this apply just to the annuity earned while a CSRS employee or the annuity I would receive for my total government service? Since she has earned her own Social Security benefit from non-government service, and I have 30 years of substantial earnings under Social Security, including the years…

Q. I’m a CSRS person. Will my survivor annuity increase as my CSRS pension increases due to COLA? Will this occur if I select less than a full survivor annuity? A. Any survivor benefit you elect will increase for inflation at the same rate as your benefit.

Q. I hope to retire in 2020 under the FERS retirement system. My spouse is a school teacher, does not pay into Social Security, and is covered by the Ohio State Teachers Retirement System (STRS). Will either of us lose a substantial amount of survivor benefits when one of us passes due to the WEP or GPO? A. The windfall elimination provision does not apply to survivor’s benefits, but the government pension offset may reduce or eliminate your wife’s survivor benefit, if she survives you.

Q. My spouse and I are both retired CSRS employees with TSP accounts. As a general rule, I know that if one of us dies the survivor can have the deceased member’s TSP balance transferred to their TSP account. We are each the primary beneficiary of the other’s account. How does this work once we are taking RMDs? Say one of us dies in 2020. Does the TSP take the deceased member’s account balance, deduct any RMDs still due to be paid in 2020, transfer the remaining balance to the spouse’s account and send a check for the remaining RMDs…

Q. The beneficiaries of my TSP account are nonspousal relatives. What are their options upon my death? Have the recently enacted changes to TSP withdrawals affected any options? I was told by a TSP telephone representative that they could establish TSP beneficiary accounts, which would allow a monthly payment plan that would provide them benefits until their TSP accounts were depleted. However, I thought I had read somewhere that withdrawals of nonspousal relatives had to be completed within five years, but maybe that applies to IRAs.   

Q. I am employed by the federal government under the CSRS system, with 44 years of service. My ex-husband recently died in December 2017 and I am getting his Social Security benefits of $1,365 per month. If I retired at the end of December 2018 would I still continue to get his SSI benefits at that same amount or would they be drastically cut, or I may not even get any? My ex-husband never worked for the federal government; he was only a veteran. I only have 24 credits worked toward my SSI benefits.

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