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Q. I am looking at retiring in January 2015. I will be 56 years old Oct. 15. I will have 30 years in as of Dec. 24. Waiting until the end of leave year to cash in all available annual leave. I am looking at cashing out my Thrift Savings Plan in a lump sum to pay off all debts. Will that income be considered part of earned income so that the special retirement supplement is reduced? If so, would it be in my interest to retire at the end of 2014 so that my annual leave hits that year…

Q. Are federal taxes taken out of the lump-sum payment for annual leave? And If I withdraw all of my Thrift Savings Plan upon retirement, will the tax be taken out before I receive the payment? A. Mike: A lump-sum distribution from your TSP will be subject to 20 percent minimum federal tax withholding. Reg: Yes, federal taxes will be taken out of your lump-sum payment for unused annual leave.

Q: A few months ago, I read something about federal workers being able to deposit the lump-sum payment for unused annual leave into their Thrift Savings Plan accounts when they retire. Did this happen, or is it just a proposal? A: A bill (HR 4865) was introduced in March that would allow this rollover, within certain limits, if passed into law. It is still in committee.

Q: What happens with Federal Employees Retirement System unused sick leave and annual leave at retirement? I will have 2,080 hours at retirement and would like to cash that time in toward my Thrift Savings Plan. A: Based on the current regulations, the potential candidate for this maneuver would be unused annual leave, which must be taken in cash at retirement. Nothing definitive has happened on this yet, but it is under consideration.