What to do with my TSP


Q. I only did four years in the Marines and got out back in ’08. I totally forgot I had a TSP until I got an annual update for it in the mail. All my money is in the G Fund and only has a little over $8,000 in it. Should I leave it alone? Roll it into an IRA? Try and work with it and spread the money in there to the other funds? If so, which ones? I’m 32 years old, and still have plenty of years of being a wage slave ahead of me. The only thing I know about retirements and investments is that I should have something.

A. I think you should leave the money in the TSP since it offers the best vehicle you’ll find for investing for retirement income. In particular, the availability of the G Fund makes it unique. Since you don’t know how, exactly, you should invest your funds to meet your particular objectives for the money, I suggest that you put all of into the L Fund that most closely corresponds to your life expectancy and let it grow.


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