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Q. I currently have a TSP account as an FERS employee, with 100 percent is in the L2040 Fund since I started almost 3 years ago. I have a long way until retirement, as I am 37 years old. Someone said I should do the “CSI,”  which would be C Fund=40 percent; S Fund=40 percent; I Fund=20 percent, but I’m not sure what that even means. 
I would like to look forward to a comfortable retirement so suggestions are welcome and much appreciated!

A. You should ask the “someone” whether they will take responsibility for the outcomes their advice will produce. Their suggested allocation is arbitrary and risk-inefficient. You can do better. If you’re not sure what is best for you, and don’t want to hire someone to figure it out for you, then I suggest that you maintain your TSP account in the L Fund that most closely corresponds to your life expectancy.


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