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Q. I plan to retire in 3 years. I have about $500,000 in the TSP. Currently I have the balance in the G fund because I feel pretty conservative as I approach retirement with that amount of money and don’t want to lose it. However, I am continuing to invest new contributions in the C, S and I funds. Does that make sense?

Q. I will be 64 when I retire [Dec. 31, 2016]. I will have a mortgage of about $106,000 at 3.25% interest.  The state in which I live does not have state tax. My TSP should have about $157,585 when I retire. Should I take a lump sum payment and pay off my house or roll over the money into a Roth IRA? What is the tax rate the government would charge if I take a lump sum when I retire?

Q. I am eligible to retire next year at age 50 as a law enforcement officer under FERS. I plan on taking life expectancy payments from my TSP/401(k) as soon as I retire. If, upon retirement, I elect to transfer my TSP balance to a company like Vanguard, will I still be able to withdraw life expectancy payments from Vanguard and avoid the 10 percent early withdrawal penalty?

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