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Q. After 27 years of diligent saving and investing, I’ve accumulated well over $1 million in my regular TSP account. I also have over $70,000 in my Roth TSP account, and that portion is growing quickly. By the time I retire, I expect my Roth TSP balance will account for around 10 percent of my entire TSP account balance. After I retire at the end of 2017 (at age 62) and before I begin collecting Social Security (at age 66 or 70), I want to convert a good portion of my regular TSP account to Roth assets. The problem is,…

Q. I have a TSP account. A portion of it is tax-exempt combat pay. When I was in combat, TSP didn’t offer Roth IRAs and, therefore, the money was combined into one account. However, the statement reflects how much of the pay is tax-exempt. I’m considering rolling over my accounts to have more options. TSP told me that they would have to send me a check for the tax-exempt portion and that they can roll the rest into a IRA. If they send me the tax-exempt money, can I deposit it into a Roth?

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