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Q. Some employees are in disagreement over the minimum required distributions of TSP accounts. We are discussing retirements beginning five years or more from now, so the new TSP rules would apply. Would moving the Roth TSP funds to an outside Roth IRA account avoid the need for minimum required distributions on this Roth portion of a TSP account or would those particular funds still be a part of the funds subjected to MRD?

Q. I am a federal employee with a TSP (Traditional). In addition, I currently own a Traditional IRA and a Roth IRA, while my wife owns a Roth IRA. This year, it looks like our combined income (MAGI) will likely exceed the threshold for the standard approach to contribute to our Roth IRAs. I have seen strategies to use the backdoor approach, but it will require smartly transferring my traditional IRA to TSP to avoid a large conversion taxes. My traditional IRA has a nondeductible basis of $12,000 and $78,000 of earnings. As I understand from research, I could transfer the $78,000…

Q. I am retired from the U.S. Postal Service. I have a Roth, TSP, some old brokerage accounts and too much cash. I’ve been trying to find a fee-only advisor, but the offered services are far more that I want to start out with; I only want advice on re-positioning my investments for today. Do you have any suggestions?

Q. I plan on working in federal service for roughly 22 more years. I contribute enough to the TSP to max out the matching contribution. I read somewhere that it would be a good idea to direct the rest of my savings to an outside Roth IRA with a company like Vanguard so that I have more investment choices for my after-tax dollars. Good idea?

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