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Q. I am retiring in July 2015. I want to roll my TSP into an annuity plan outside of the TSP. I believe it would be called an in-service rollover. I will be 57 years old with 30 years at the postal service. Can I do this now, and is there a penalty or tax problem? If not now, is there any reason I couldn’t do the rollover after I retire without penalty?

Q. Can I pay off a Thrift Savings Plan loan with a transfer or rollover from one of my traditional IRA accounts without tax implications? For example, I take a $50,000 loan from my TSP account and submit the paperwork to my IRA financial institution to transfer $50,000 from my IRA to my TSP account — Can that transfer be done to satisfy the $50,000 TSP loan?

Q. I was a federal technician who was also in the Air National Guard. I was found physically unfit and left under technician disability. I had a TSP account. My last day as a technician was May 3, 2013. I was 55 in March of that year. Can I get all money withdrawn without penalties? Will there be federal and state penalties?

Q. I am 56 and had to retire under a federal service disability retirement because of cancer. I am also receiving Social Security, and I have 90 percent disability from the Veterans Affairs Department. Can I withdraw from the Thrift Savings Plan without the 10 percent penalty, or do I need to wait until I’m 59? I’ve read that if I am permanently disabled I can waive the penalty. But I can’t find any info as to how I prove permanent disability for tax purposes. I know I can’t work and retired with disability under federal service and Social Security, but is that permanently…

Q. Please provide me with information on how to file a formal complaint concerning TSP processing of a 401(k) rollover from a previous employer. TSP personnel stated there is no formal procedure for complaints, and participants need to contact U.S. Representatives. Is this correct?

Q. I’ve got about $340,000 in C, S and I Funds. I have contributed regularly for past 13 years into just the C, S and I. I have $145,000 from a non-TSP balanced fund that I just cashed out of, so I could roll into TSP. Should I roll it all into G fund based upon the current market outlook? My guess is that stock funds are pretty much peaked out and will drop significantly. Might be the one chance I’d want to take at trying to time the market. The plan would be to transfer out of the G…

Q. If I were to retire Dec. 31, can the payments actually received in 2015, such as my last paycheck earned in 2014, payment for unused annual leave and buyout, if any, be used to fund a 2015 ROTH IRA? A. Paychecks constructively received in 2015 can be used as the basis for an IRA contribution to the extent that the income is earned income for this purpose. You annual leave payout is not considered earned income for this, however, and can’t serve as the basis for IRA contributions.

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