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Q. My wife is under CSRS Offset. She retired at age 61 and had her CSRS Offset benefit reduced last February when she turned 62; she turns 63 this month (January 2017). She has not applied for Social Security benefits. She is currently working at a job that is covered by Social Security. Her annual salary is $45,000. We don’t need the Social Security component of the CSRS Offset right now, approximately $800 per month. Is it to her advantage to apply for Social Security benefits now or should she wait until she turns 65? If she applies now, won’t her…

Q. Conventional wisdom says you should defer taking Social Security until at least your normal full-amount date, or age 70. Does that hold up if you don’t need the age 62 amount and invest it instead? I’m looking at a state municipal bond fund yielding 3.32 percent tax-free or an ETF of preferred stocks yielding at more than 6 percent.

Q. I’m a few years out from retirement but want to plan carefully for that day. A lot is written about earning money from outside sources (e.g., non-federal employment or self-employment) and how it affects Social Security benefits. What I want to know is if I retired today under the $15,480-allowed outside-income criteria, would my FERS annuity and any TSP income (either annuity or withdrawal) be included in that $15,480-income ceiling, or are they treated separately thereby allowing me to receive my full Social Security benefit, FERS annuity, TSP income and outside income together without reductions?

Q. I’ve been working and contributing to Social Security since age 13. I turn 62 in December 2016. I have a full military retirement of 20 years with 40 percent disability (soon to be increased), and I’ve got 20 years in the U.S. Postal Service — paying into Social Security the entire time for both government jobs. Does the windfall act apply to me? If it does, how so? If I were to turn down my USPS retirement, how would that affect Social Security if the windfall does apply to me?

Q. My start date with the U.S. Postal Service was December 1986. This is my 30th year. I am now 58 years old. I also worked prior to USPS and have more than 40 quarters in with Social Security. I am under the FERS system and understand that my contribution to TSP will factor into my annuity. I know nothing about USPS retirement and have heard words like “windfall elimination offset” and that I cannot get Social Security that was earned before the USPS. How can I find out when is the best time I should retire for maximum benefit and what would my actual…

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