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Q. I retired under discontinued service retirement in 2015, however, I was under the minimum retirement age of 55. I have applied for disability retirement, which I’m still waiting for the Office of Personnel Management to approve. How long should I expect he process to take? Can I do anything to help speed up the process? I have been declared disabled by two physicians and provided all requested documentation to OPM. Separately, can I start making withdrawals from the TSP? Can I make multiple withdrawals as funds are needed? Can I take the option for equal monthly installments and then periodically…

Q. I just attended a retirement seminar at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Division. It showed me just how complicated preparing for retirement can be. How can I locate a financial adviser who is familiar with all the complications of federal retirement? I am in the Philadelphia area.

Q. I retired from the federal government in 2013 (before age 70½) and left my TSP account intact. I will be 70½ this year, but continue to work full time as a college professor. Will I still be required to make a mandatory withdrawal from my TSP account even though I continue to work full time, or is that option only available to those who continue to work for the federal government after age 70½?

Q. I was just reading about the 59½ rule. I have a TSP account, and my date of withdrawal is Aug. 21, 2017. I don’t know what form to use. Do you have advice on how and which form to use? Also, how long will it take to access the funds? Do I need to start requesting the funds now?

Q. The L funds such as L2020 are structured toward retirement dates such as 2020. After that date, your funds are moved to the L Income Fund. I’ve seen you mention several times that if you can’t decide how to allocate your funds after retirement that we should consider the fund that matches our life expectancy. Can you explain the reasoning behind this a little more? If I am currently 57, retired and my life expectancy is 85 years of age, are you saying I should consider the L2040 or L2050 funds?

Q. My wife is a carrier in the U.S. Postal Service. We’ve been married more than 30 years, and she’s been enrolled in medical for more than five years. I’d like to go on her medical when I retire. I’ve been told that in order to do that and retain medical and if she were to pass away before me, she would need to select survivor benefits on her retirement. We’d actually prefer not to do that, as I wouldn’t need the survivor annuity benefits. Does she have to have survivor benefits for me to use the medical benefit? Does…

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