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Q. My RMD for 2016 was withdrawn March 2017 and my RMD for 2017 was withdrawn in April and December 2017. My 1099-R reports the total of the RMDs with no distinction for how much was for 2016 and for 2017. Am I supposed to use Form 8606 for the TSP RMD? Form 8606 asks for the value of the IRA on Dec. 31, but I have two values (one for 2016 and one for 2017). Also, if TSP is not an IRA, what is it? Is there another form to put this info?

Q. I plan on retiring from 33 years of federal service with the Department of Defense. I have $1 million in my TSP and want to convert some of it each year to a Roth account. After retiring, I expect my taxable income to be about $100,000 per year. After retiring, if I transfer $50,000 per year from my TSP to a Roth account, what will my tax rate be?  Note: I’m assuming the federal tax rate between $77,000 and $165,000 is 22 percent, for over $600,000 is 37%. Would I be taxed 22 percent on the $50,000, since $100,000 +…

Q. I am a federal dual-status technician with the LA guard. I am 50 as of March 2018 and will have 28 years federal technician time on Sept. 22, 2018. Can I voluntarily retire and draw my FERS retirement, the supplement and my TSP  without being penalized the 10 percent? My actual minimum retirement age is 56 years and 8 months.

Q. My husband after 33 years of marriage has decided on a divorce. He is 63 and I am 61. He has a TSP. I will be receiving 50 percent as part of the divorce settlement. Will I have to pay tax on my share upon distribution or can I roll over my portion into an IRA? I do not have a 401(k). If I have to pay tax, would it benefit me and lower my tax penalty to take a portion over a series of years?

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