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Q. I withdrew my federal TSP in March 2019 and they took the appropriate amount of federal tax. I just received a 1099-R for that withdrawal to file with my taxes for 2019. I know that it is not considered earned income, so will I get taxed again? If not, why am I required to file it with my 2019 return? A. When you took your withdrawal, the amounts that were withheld were deposits against your tax liability for 2019. When you file your return, you will report the gross amount of your withdrawal as Ordinary Income and it will…

Q. Which would be more advantageous to reduce my annual federal tax bill: contribute more into TSP or withhold more and have more from my salary go toward federal taxes? Am I correct that contributing more into TSP would go toward retirement savings, reduce my taxable income and lower my federal tax bill? A. It’s impossible to say which will be “best.” One is prepaying your federal taxes, and the other is deferring income tax from the current year into a future year. If you can do both, do both. If you can only do one or other, then pay…

Q. I retired from the federal government (Department of Veterans Affairs) on Jan 31, 2018. I did 32 years and retired at 56. I withdraw all my TSP funds and, of course, federal tax was taken out. When I file my 2018 taxes, do I pay the NYS/city taxes? I don’t have enough to itemize.

Q. I am 59 and retired in 2015 at 57 from a federal law enforcement position. I started a consulting LLC in Texas in 2018 and do not take regular draws from the company account. I am currently receiving Social Security supplement along with my pension. Do the gross earnings of my LLC count toward the earnings test even when I do not take a draw equal to or greater than the earnings limit set for the current year 2018? Or, if I take a draw and maintain that amount under the limit, would any remaining funds in the LLC…

Q. When I left the government for six years I pulled out my retirement under CSRS. I since have returned back to the government for the last 17 years. Since I was taxed on it when I pulled it out, can I report it on my taxes as paying back into my retirement?

Q. I have an outstanding balance of $24,000, and I’m retiring Sept 30. I’m told I will have to repay the loan within 90 days, or it will be treated as a disbursement. Will I have the option of asking it to be declared, say, Nov. 1? I want to keep it in this tax year and make estimated tax payments now.

Q. I am affected by Windfall Elimination Provision but am also eligible for Social Security. Is the dollar amount for “substantial earnings” the dollar amount on the W-2 under Social Security wages, or is the dollar amount listed in the section for wages, tips and other compensation? I have looked at the Social Security Administration brochure on WEP, and it never states specifically. It makes a difference.

Q. I am retiring May 1. I want to pull some of my savings in TSP for a line of credit on my home to send my child through college (she graduates May 6) and to pay off the rest on my home so I will be secure as a single mom. I want to use the rest for an annuity. How much will taxes be for the withdrawal?

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