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Q. I’m retired, and for 2017, I increased the amount I’m taking out in monthly TSP withdrawals. I received a letter today from TSP acknowledging my payment had increased, the correct amount and the number of months these payments are expected to last. The letter went on to say if my payments are expected to last less than 120 months, they’re considered eligible rollover distributions, not periodic payment for tax purposes. I really don’t know what this means, but somehow I suspect it means I’ll pay more in taxes. Can you shed light on this?

Q. I understand TSP does not withhold state taxes from periodic payments, but what I don’t understand is how those state (Ohio, specifically) taxes get paid. Does that mean I will have to pay estimated tax four times a year?

Q. If I take out $380,000 from my TPS upon retirement to pay off my mortgage, how much tax liability will I have? I will be 63½ years old, and have a total somewhere around $475,000 in my TPS account. Can I use these funds for a mortgage payoff?

Q. I understand that I can take a TSP loan just prior to retirement, not pay it and have it become a taxable distribution after 90 days. If the 90 days fall after the first of the year, will the tax be on the new year income or at the time of the loan? I’m a rehired annuitant, if that matters.

Q. If I was to take a normal FERS retirement on Dec. 31, 2017, would the money I receive for unused annual leave be income for 2017 or 2018? Also if I have an outstanding TSP loan, would the unpaid balance be reported as taxable income for 2017 or 2018?

Q. I retired from the Federal Bureau of Prisons on November 28,2014. I withdrew a part of my TSP receiving it on February 17, 2015. When I received my 1099 it identified my distribution code as 1 -early premature distribution. Why is it not code 2-early distribution exception applies, since I am federal law enforcement?

Q. I recently submitted paperwork for a partial withdrawal of my TSP account (I am separated from federal service). I submitted this paperwork with guidance from a certified financial planner and after several phone calls to TSP. I wanted $240,000 rolled over into another retirement vehicle. TSP only sent them $112,000 — taxed the balance and sent me a check. When I called them they said their was nothing I could do now since the money had already been disbursed. I haven’t even received the check yet. What recourse do I have? I do not want to withdraw this money…

Q. I am on CSRS,over 59 1/2 years old, and thinking of withdrawing my TSP and putting it in a personal account. If, for example, I have $50,000 to withdraw, and there is a 20% tax penalty, as I understand it, this means I receive $40,000. Now, is $50,000 added to my income for tax purposes, or is $40,000 added to it? If it is $50,000, can I include the 20 percent penalty as tax deducted from my income on my tax return?