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Q. I’m a federal employee within about 5 years of retirement and am wondering about whether to revise the distribution of funds in the L 2020 fund in which I’m now invested ($127,000 balance). I was just told the rate of return in the G fund (to which the L 2020 fund currently allocates 44 percent) is quite poor and that I should consider reallocating funds out of the G fund — perhaps concentrating on the C, S and I funds. However, I’m aware of the need to invest conservatively with this short time horizon. Under these circumstances, would you advise…

Q. I plan to retire in 3 years. I have about $500,000 in the TSP. Currently I have the balance in the G fund because I feel pretty conservative as I approach retirement with that amount of money and don’t want to lose it. However, I am continuing to invest new contributions in the C, S and I funds. Does that make sense?

Q. Upon retirement, if leave my money in the TSP with a mixture of the G Fund and the C Fund, when I take monthly payments which fund will the payments come from? Can I designate monthly payments to come from the G Fund first?

Q. I thought the C Fund’s unit price is calculated depending on the Standard & Poor’s 500 index. Would you tell me how I expect what C funds would do compared with S&P 500 index?